PA2014-225    SAUNDERS GEN PLAN AMENDMENT Council District 3
CA2014-009 - Code Amendment
DA2014-003 - Development Agreements
ER2020-002 - Environmental Impact Rep
GP2014-004 - General Plan Amendment
PC2020-002 - Planned Comm Devlop Plan
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Description: Request for a General Plan amendment to re-designate 16 acres of Campus Tract from Airport Office and Supporting Uses (AO) to Mixed Use Horizontal 2 (MU-H2) to allow for 329 replacement dwelling units, a zoning code amendment to change the zoning district from Office Airport (OA) to Planned Community (PC) and approval of Planned Community Development Plan and, approval of an Development Agreement.
Contact: D. Blumenthal - 949-644-3200

Status: APPLIED Applied: 12/17/2014 Follow-up Rev: Approved:
Final: Effective: Expired: Denied:
Pending: 1/27/2015 12:00:00 AM Date Withdrawn: Voided:
Date Activity - Status
12/17/2014 Application - SUBMITTED
01/08/2015 Incomplete Letter -
04/23/2020 Planning Commission - STUDY SESSION
06/04/2020 Planning Commission - RECOMMEND APPROVAL TO CITY COUNCIL
06/17/2020 Other - JWA AIRPORT LAND USE COMMISSION - JULY 16, 2020