PA2017-253    Newport Village Council District 3
CD2017-108 - Coastal Development Perm
ER2017-002 - Environmental Impact Rep
MD2017-011 - Modification Permit
NT2017-006 - Tentative Tract Map
SD2017-011 - Site Development Review
UP2017-032 - Use Permit
2000 COAST HWY  W  
2001 COAST HWY  W  
2077 COAST HWY  W  
2200 COAST HWY  W  
2201 COAST HWY  W  
2241 COAST HWY  W  
2244 COAST HWY  W  
2429 COAST HWY  W  
Description: Mixed use development encompassing approximately 11.05 acres on both the north and south sides of West Coast Highway in the Mariner's Mile corridor. The project includes 175 residential units, 240,650 square feet of office, retail and restaurant uses, and a new 75-boat marina. A new signalized intersection would provide primary access to the project. The design includes a new publically accessible waterfront promenade and 1,347 parking spaces within two underground parking structures. Buildings above grade are approximately 35 feet in height. All existing structures will be demolished and existing uses will be discontinued with project implementation. The project includes approximately 1,000 feet of new bulkhead along the bay.
Contact: M. Nova - 949-644-3249

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01/02/2018 Project Review Request - PRR ROUTED, COMMENTS DUE BACK 01/16/18