PA2017-253    Newport Village Mixed-Use Council District 3
TS2018-001 - Traffic Study
UP2017-032 - Use Permit
CD2017-108 - Coastal Development Perm
ER2017-002 - Environmental Impact Rep
MD2017-011 - Modification Permit
NT2017-006 - Tentative Tract Map
SD2017-011 - Site Development Review
Description: A mixed-use development encompassing approximately 9.4 acres on the north and south sides of West Coast Highway in the Mariner's Mile corridor. The project includes 14 residential condominium units on the south parcel and 108 apartment units on the north parcel, 127,320 square feet of nonresidential floor area (including 96,850 square feet of office, 10,750 square feet of boat sales, 8,100 square feet of vehicle sales, and 11,620 square feet of restaurant uses). The design includes a new publically accessible waterfront promenade and 835 parking spaces within surface level and partially subterranean parking. The existing bulkheads would be reinforced and capped along the waterfront. The maximum height of buildings on the north parcel is 26 feet for a flat roof and 31 feet for a pitched roofline measured from established grade. The maximum height of buildings on the south parcel is 35 feet for a flat roof measured from established grade. The existing structures at 2241 West Coast Highway and 2244 West Coast Highway would remain while other structures will be demolished and existing uses will be discontinued with project implementation.
Contact: L. Westmoreland - 949-644-3234

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