PA2018-118    Clark Residence Variance Council District 1
CD2018-068 - Coastal Development Perm
VA2018-004 - Variance
Description: A variance request to allow the expansion of an exisiting substandard single-car garage that would encroach into the required rear setback and would exceed the allowable floor area limitation for development on the property.
Contact: B. Zdeba - 949-644-3253

Status: APPLIED Applied: 5/9/2018 Follow-up Rev: Approved:
Final: Effective: Expired: Denied:
Pending: Date Withdrawn: Voided:
Date Activity - Status
05/09/2018 Application - SUBMITTED
05/22/2018 Admin Setup -
06/13/2018 Application - Notice of Incomplete Filing sent to applicant and property owner.
07/19/2018 Application - Resubmittal received and under review.
07/25/2018 Project Review Request - Routed to Building/Life Safety and Public Works.
08/16/2018 Project Review Request - All PRRs returned. Transmitted to applicant to address. Incomplete.