PA2018-183    Harbor Day School Renovation Council District 7
XP2019-003 - Limited Term Permit
SD2018-004 - Site Development Review
UP2018-015 - Use Permit
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Description: A request to demolish and replace an existing kindergarten through eighth grade private school. The proposed building totals 97,432 square feet in gross floor area on a 6.535-acre project site. The request requires a minor use permit to allow the operation of a school within the Private Institutions (PI) Zoning District. Also required is a major site development review to allow the construction of a nonresidential project in excess of 19,999 square feet in gross floor area and to increase the allowable height.
Contact: L. Schuller - 949-644-3200

Status: APPLIED Applied: 8/7/2018 Follow-up Rev: Approved:
Final: Effective: Expired: Denied:
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Date Activity - Status
08/07/2018 Application - SUBMITTED
08/16/2018 Project Review Request - Routed to Code Enforcement, Building, Life Safety Services, Public Works, and Grading.
08/16/2018 Application - Description and CEQA review request submitted to City Attorney's Office.
09/06/2018 Admin Setup -
09/14/2018 Application - Incomplete - letter sent to applicant/contact and property owner via email.
01/11/2019 Application - Resubmittal received.
01/24/2019 Project Review Request - Resubmittal routed to Building, Life Safety, Public Works, and General Services.
06/20/2019 Planning Commission - SCHEDULED