PA2019-060    VARIANCE Council District 3
VA2019-002 - Variance
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Description: Variance request to allow portions of the 2nd story, roof, and deck guardrail of a new single-family residence to exceed the allow height limit due to topography of slope.
Contact: J. Murillo - 949-644-3209

Status: APPEALED Applied: 4/10/2019 Follow-up Rev: Approved:
Final: Effective: Expired: Denied:
Pending: Date Withdrawn: Voided:
Date Activity - Status
04/10/2019 Application - SUBMITTED
04/11/2019 Project Review Request -
04/12/2019 Admin Setup -
05/23/2019 Planning Commission - APPROVED
06/05/2019 Appeal Filed - City Council -
09/10/2019 City Council - Hearing Scheduled