PA2019-070    Residential Design Standards Council District
CA2019-004 - Code Amendment
LC2019-006 - LCP Amendment
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Description: Potential code amendments intended to minimize bulk and mass associated with current residential development trends. Specifically, three separate amendments are proposed: 1. Third Floor Massing- Establish limitations regulating covered roof deck areas and redefining the definition of gross floor area to include unfinished attics with a ceiling height of 6 feet or greater. 2. Single-Unit and Two-Unit Developments in the Multiple Residential Zoning District - Restrict single-unit and two-unit dwellings developed on lots zoned for Multiple Residential (RM) to the development standards applicable to the standards of the Two-Unit Residential (R-2) Zoning District. 3. Cottage Preservation- Provide an incentive to preserve small cottages while allowing additions and alterations thereby discouraging full redevelopment of property.
Contact: J. Murillo - 949-644-3209

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08/19/2019 Other - Community Meeting
09/10/2019 City Council - Study Session