PA2019-181    Cottage Preservation Ordinance Council District
CA2019-006 - Code Amendment
LC2019-004 - LCP Amendment
Description: The proposed amendments to the Local Coastal Program (Coastal Land Use Plan and Implementation Plan), Newport Beach Municipal Code (NBMC) Title 20 (Planning and Zoning), and Title 15 (Building and Construction) will provide a voluntary option for homeowners seeking to remodel, but preserve traditional beach cottages. Typically, cottages do not provide all the code-required parking and additions are limited to 10 percent of the existing floor area. The amendments would allow larger additions (up to 50 percent of the existing floor area or a maximum of 500 square feet) without providing the minimum code-required parking when the project would result in the preservation of the cottage character and building envelope that is representative of traditional development patterns in the City. Eligible projects would also receive relief from a building code valuation threshold requiring building code compliance as new construction.
Contact: J. Murillo - 949-644-3209

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Applicant Information: CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH
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