PA2020-020 Council District 5
DA2020-001 - Development Agreements
GP2020-001 - General Plan Amendment
PC2020-001 - Planned Comm Devlop Plan
SD2020-001 - Site Development Review
Description: "Residences at Newport Center" GPA, DA, Site Development Review, New PC text, and Tract Map applications. Applicant proposes to demolish the existing carwash and service station and construct 28 new condominium units. Includes four stories and a total of 103,158 square feet of gross building area connected by a common lobby and entrance. Two levels of below/partially below grade parking is proposed.
Contact: L. Westmoreland - 949-644-3234

Status: APPLIED Applied: 2/3/2020 Follow-up Rev: Approved:
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02/03/2020 Application - SUBMITTED
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