PA2020-072 Council District 1
CD2020-021 - Coastal Development Perm
VA2020-002 - Variance
Description: A 1,764-square-foot addition to an existing 1,993-square-foot duplex. Project includes the demolition of a nonconforming 2-car carport and construction of a new three-car garage and a tandem carport on first level, and construction of additional living area and patios on the 2nd and third levels. Application includes a Coastal Development Permit and a Variance. The following deviations are requested as part of variance: Setback Encroachment - Encroach 16 feet into the required 20-foot front yard setback 3rd Floor Step Back Encroachment- Encroach 15 feet into the required third floor, 15-foot front step back area Height Increase- Exceed the 29-foot sloping roof height limit with a tower element Location of Parking- Required parking space located within front setback on a driveway not 20 feet in length.
Contact: L. Schuller - 949-644-3200

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