PA2020-073 Council District 1
CD2020-037 - Coastal Development Perm
MD2020-007 - Modification Permit
NP2020-008 - Tentative Parcel Map
SD2020-007 - Site Development Review
Description: MINOR SDR, NP, CDP, MD to demolish two existing residential units, merge the two lots, and construct new mixed use building of three residential units and three commercial retail spaces. Modification Permit to adjust residential parking stall size. BV Overlay to waive commercial parking except ADA Van Stall. Parcel map to merge lots and allow each townhome to be sold individually. Commercial to be separate ownership.
Contact: L. Schuller - 949-644-3200

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05/18/2020 Application - SUBMITTED
05/29/2020 Other - Hardcopies received
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