PA2020-317    CDP Council District
CD2020-139 - Coastal Development Perm
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Description: A coastal development permit application for the removal of 821 existing single-space parking meters and installation of 58 new multi-space pay stations. Proposed pay stations utilize pay-by-plate systems that has been previously used in existing pay stations in the city. Proposed pay stations are solar-powered and mounted with anchor bolts to cement, and requires no electrical connection. Signage is also proposed as part of the project that directs the public to pay stations.
Contact: D. Lee - 949-644-3225

Status: APPLIED Applied: 10/30/2020 Follow-up Rev: Approved:
Final: Effective: Expired: Denied:
Pending: Date Withdrawn: Voided:
Applicant Information: CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH
Date Activity - Status
12/10/2020 Zoning Administrator Hearing - APPROVED
01/05/2021 Notice of Final Action -
01/25/2021 Other - APPEAL PERIOD ENDING: 01/25/2021 (5-NPB-21-0029) Notice of CCC Appeal Period Received: Dated 01/11/2021 Notice of CCC Final Permit Received: Dated 01/26/2021