1Pier to Pier1.74 (One Way)This is a beach front walk along a paved path designated for pedestrians and bicycles. There are great views of the ocean the entire length of the walk. Depending on the time of the year it can get very crowded. Map
2Balboa Island Loop1.70This walk takes you around Balboa Island on a paved path designated for pedestrians. This walk provides great views of the harbor. Parking on the island is limited to the street and can be difficult at times to find. A better option may be to park in the Balboa Pier lot and take the ferry over. Map
3Corona Del Mar Loop1.72This walk takes you through a portion of the flowered streets of Corona Del Mar. There are some great views of the ocean from Ocean Blvd. This walk is on pavement with several street crossings. Map
4Fashion Island Loop1.22This follows the sidewalk around Fashion Island with views of the ocean off in the distance. There is plenty of parking in and around Fashion Island with a few street crossings along the walk. Map
5Castaways Trail1.02 (One Way)This walk follows a paved path shared by pedestrians and bicycles. A good portion of the walk overlooks Upper Newport Bay as well as Newport Harbor, with some nice lookout points along the way. Map
6Back Bay Trail2.89 (One Way)This walk is along a paved road used mostly by pedestrians and bicycles. Occasionally, a car will be traveling along this road but the speed limit is only 15 mph. This walk has great views of Upper Newport Bay and is a very popular area for bird watching. Map
7Upper Bay Trail2.34 (One Way)With great views of the Upper Newport Bay, this walk follows along a paved path designated for pedestrians and bicycles. Occasionally, one might see a person on horseback along a portion of the trail in the Santa Ana Heights area. Map
8Bonita Creek Trail0.91 (One Way)A paved trail used by pedestrians and bicycles that runs between Bonita Creek Park and Arroyo Park. Map
9Arroyo Trail0.61 (One Way)This walk follows a trail along Arroyo Park that has sections of pavement and dirt. The trail continues under the Bonita Canyon Dr Bridge to Bonita Canyon Sports Park. Map
10Bonita Canyon Sports Park Trail1.23 (One Way)This walk takes you on a paved path through Bonita Canyon Sports Park with a couple of street crossings. Map
11Buffalo Hills Trail1.28 (One Way)This walk follows a sidewalk through Buffalo Hills Park and the Port Streets neighborhood with a couple of street crossings. Map
12Newport Ridge Trail1.73This walk follows a sidewalk around Newport Ridge Dr and a portion of San Joaquin Hills Rd. There are views of the ocean off in the distance. Map
13Buck Gully Trail3.41 (All Trails)This canyon walk is bounded by urbanized areas, including single-family residences, roadways and the Pelican Hills Golf Course. The watershed draining into Buck Gully encompasses approximately 1,200 acres and includes portions of the San Joaquin foothill. It serves as habitat for many species, and provides recreational opportunities to the public. Buck Gully is open daily from dawn to dusk and during scheduled docent-led programs. To protect sensitive habitats and wildlife, dogs are not permitted in Buck Gully. Map