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Active Building Permits - Desktop Version  Mobile Version
View Active Building Permits that have been issued in the City.

If you have any questions regarding the project information shown please call: (949) 644-3200.

Active Planning Activities - Desktop Version  Mobile Version
A development or specific use that requires discretionary approval from the Community Development Director, Planning Commission, or City Council. This layer includes projects requiring zoning entitlements such as: General Plan, Zoning Code, or Local Coastal Program Amendments; Variances, Use Permits, Sign Programs, Modification Permits and all other permits listed in the Planning Division’s Fee Schedule

If you have any questions regarding the project information shown please call: (949) 644-3200.

Fire Department Calls Last 30 Days - Desktop Version  Mobile Version
View Fire Calls, Medical Calls, and Other Calls that the Fire Department has responded to in the last 30 days. This information is updated every 30 minutes. Please note that the locations depicted on the map represent a generalized location and do not accurately depict the exact location of the call.

Fire Call
Call pertaining to a fire involving a building, vehicle, vegetation or other.
Medical Call
Call pertaining to medical, rescue, or extrication.
Other Call
Less frequent, these calls can range from events such as weather and natural disaster related, over pressurization, hazardous condition, or a false alarm or good intention call.

Police Calls for Service Last 14 Days - Desktop Version  Mobile Version
View Calls for Service the Police Department has responded to over the last 14 days and stay informed about crimes, arrests, and other police related activities. Calls for Service are taken directly from the Police Communications Center and updated every 30 minutes, capturing the last 14 days of police field activities. Keep in mind that a few crimes and activities must be screened due to investigative restrictions and victim privacy rights, and that the locations depicted on the map represent a generalized location and do not accurately depict the exact location of the call.
Alarm Call
Calls related to an alarm notification of a potential burglary, robbery, or other crime.
Animal Call
An occurrence involving an animal such as a bite report or injured animal.
Causing or attempting to cause harm through the use of physical force and/or a weapon.
An occurrence that is a threat to public peace, health, safety and welfare such as loud music, illegal fireworks, trespassing, etc.
Parking Problem
Events related to parking violations such as parking in a red zone or blocking a driveway.
Police Activity
A wide range of events that include responses to shots heard, suspicious person, citizen assist, etc.
Proactive Policing
Deterring criminal activity by showing police presence and enforcing laws. Examples of this include vehicle stop or patrol check.
Property Crime
Crimes against property that include arson, burglary, and vandalism.
Events related to the taking of money or goods in the possession of another by force or intimidation.
Crimes in which a person intentionally and fraudulently takes personal property of another without permission or consent.
Events that involve roads and streets and include drunk driving, reckless driving, and traffic collisions.
Unknown Trouble
Events that typically involve more investigation upon arrival. These events can include an open door, bomb threat, prowler seen, etc.

Short Term Lodging - Desktop Version  Mobile Version
View which residential units currently have a Short Term Lodging Permit allowing them to rent the unit for 30 days or less, as well as which areas allow for Short Term Lodging as long as a permit is obtained.

Active Short Term Lodging Permits
All persons renting a residential unit for a term of 30 days or less are required to apply for and obtain a Short Term Lodging Permit.
Short Term Lodging allowed subject to zoning compliance
"Grandfathered" - Properties permitted prior to June 2004 per M.C. 5.95.020

For more information please visit the City's Short-Term Lodging Page.

Trending Development Projects - Desktop Version  Mobile Version
These are residential or commercial development projects that have generated interest within the City. The projects displayed are either in the city review process, or have been permitted for construction.

If you have any questions regarding the project information shown please call: (949) 644-3200.

Tree Inventory - Desktop Version  Mobile Version
View scheduled maintenance as well as the most recent maintenance for each City maintained tree.

If you have any questions regarding tree maintenance please call: (949) 644-3082.

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